New-ish primate species discovered.

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus strykeri) was identified and described in 2010 but I only just found out about it, hence the “new-ish”.

In 2010 only a skin and skulls of four hunted specimens were usedfor description and identification, now with the aid of camera traps more and more images are available.

According to Geissman et al. the new species is geographically isolated from other snub-nosed monkeys by two rivers. The species has blackish fur with white fur only on its ear tufts, chin beard, and perineal area. It also has a relatively long tail. Their geographic distribution appears to cover ~270km2, with an estimated population of 260-330 individuals. Geissmann et al’s data on hunting pressure leads the authors to conclude that the species is Critically Endangered. 

For more information on this little-studied primate see Geissmann et al’s 2010 publication in AJP and the following site for camera trap photos.

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